Welcome to NavGaea

There are many critical elements to Success in any enterprise, including; Knowledge, In-house expertise, A well thought out strategic plan, and flawless Execution. By enhancing any of these elements to drive performance by soliciting external assistance, the path to success can be assured and shortened. This is where NavGaea Consulting will make a difference in your success story. NavGaea Consulting, as a company, was born out of our passion to enable success in ag research and development for clients looking for outside expertise to enhance research and human productivity. We can help you in the fields of agriculture, plant breeding, seed production, seed certification and compliance in a comprehensive, and ethical environment.

We are available for consulting in Canada and India either directly or through our affiliates on a contractual basis. Other regions will be covered in the near future as projects come online. We are committed to delivering the very best service and knowledge /or referrals.

Connect with us to discuss how we can help you succeed in your quest.